New Photo Day #2

New Photo Day! On a regular basis I will be uploading new street photos to flickr and posting them to my blog with a short story as to how they were captured. Including details technical, methodical, and other important tidbits on the photo.

A New Perspective. Image taken by Tyler Bedgood. CC – Attribution. Click the Image for exif data.

The Capture

I was riding on the bus with my camera tucked away in it’s bag on my way to shoot some photos. Step one, never have your camera in your bag when you are planning to take photos in the first place.

As I was sitting there thinking about the pictures I was hoping to get that day I noticed a child step onto the bus with his mother. He was holding a toy to his eye and looking through it as he walked the isle. I thought to myself “man that would have made a good photo!” Right at about that moment I realized my camera was off, un-configured, and resting inside a bag.

To make matters worse or in my case, better the child sat in the seat right in front of me and continued looking through the toy out the window as the bus traveled. I couldn’t pass this up and luckily I had the time to take out my camera, configure it and snap off a few shots. This is where the story gets good. As I was capturing- ill call her a concerned patron – from across the way starting shouting at me and asking what I was doing. I recall, she said something like “Do you have his mother’s permission to be taking his photo?! That’s like a pedophile.” to which I simply responded “no” and finished getting my shots.

All was well however, I handed the very flabbergasted onlooker my contact information and got off at my stop with the shot intact. Turns out the mother cared not about the photos and everyone went unharmed. It’s not very often you get a second chance at a great moment. I considered myself lucky, accused pedophile or not. Also i’m not convinced that will be the last time someone is going to call me a pedophile.

The Photograph

To me this photograph speaks out in a couple of ways. You have the innocence of childhood represented by the subject and his toy, but you also have the subtle undertone of how children see the world from a different perspective. They surely don’t see the things we see as we see them. An atm is not an express bank transaction, but a magic money machine where you key in a few numbers and get free money. I’d love to know the thoughts that were traveling through this little dude’s brain as he was looking through that object. He certainly was not seeing or thinking what the rest of us were and that is pretty cool.

What do you think of this photo? What do you like or dislike? What would you have done differently? Let me know below! If you have questions about these featured photos that were not answered in the post then please feel free to ask in your comments.

About Tyler Bedgood

I have a passion for composition, lighting, and editing.
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2 Responses to New Photo Day #2

  1. Nate Lawson says:

    Great capture my friend! I don’t think we’ll ever get away from those who don’t understand street photography, so as long as we’re doing what we do and not getting too pushy about it, all is well!!

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