Sticking with your passion

As creative people who have found our callings it can sometimes be hard to find a part of that calling that we are very passionate about. Sure we have a certain amount of passion for our calling to have it be a calling in general. But more specifically i’m talking about finding that special niche within our chosen fields that really pluck the heart strings. For a computer programmer it could be finding a certain programming language to program apps with, or for a doctor, finding a practice that is most rewarding to him or her, or finally, for a photographer finding a style or genre of photography that he or she enjoys above all others. The important thing to do once these passions are found is to stick with them. Even through all the complications that might arise.

“Take Me” License: Attribution. Taken by Tyler Bedgood. Click image for exif data.

Early on in our creative travels it is easy to get discouraged. We might have found our calling or our medium but there are so many caveats or side streets to take on our journey. It is very much a journey. Just like life, love, or going to the grocery store. What we must do when faced with these caveats is stick to our passion. For example, if your passion is  developmental psychology. As you progress in this field you may realize that there have already been studies or advances that you yourself may have wanted to study. This may cause you to then choose an area of psychology that is less practiced where there is more room for growth. The downfall here is that you are letting go of your passion and grabbing onto a less rewarding class in your chosen field. And only so that you may gain more validation for your work. Thats a whole different post however.

“Untitled” License: Attribution. Taken by Tyler Bedgood. Click image for exif data.

If you stick with your passion and push through the imitations, mental blocks, stagnation, and discouraging creations, you will eventually arrive at your breakthroughs, which leads you to your unique vision and style, which is followed by your masterpiece. All of the greatest creators in any field have traveled similar journeys with similar problems but have prevailed by sticking with their passion. These are the people you hear about, Henri Cartier Bresson with street photography, Shigeru Miyamoto with nintendo, Sigmunnd motherf***ing Frued with psychology.

“When…” License: Attribution. Taken by Tyler Bedgood. Click image for exif data.

Put simply if you are passionate about an aspect of your your calling or medium hold true to that passion. Stay on the bus and ride it to its destination, (the previous link is what inspired this post) don’t let yourself be taken to a different route because the work has already been done or you go through a rough period.

“Untitled” License: Attribution. Taken by Tyler Bedgood. Click image for exif data.

What is your passion? Have you ever been discouraged along the way? Do you think that sticking with your passion is the right thing to do?

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About Tyler Bedgood

I have a passion for composition, lighting, and editing.
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3 Responses to Sticking with your passion

  1. Kris Phan says:

    It’s difficult to find time to pursue and to keep our passion alive these days. But I agree with you. Good entry, Tyler. *Thumb up! =)

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